Board Alumni & Founders

WKCF Board Alumni:
* denotes past board chairs
Jeana Anliker
Alice Banning
Betty F. Benson *
Jim Bloom
Craig Boomhower
David Brenn
E.C. Brookover
Michael Cearley
Bill Clement
Michael Collins
Mary Cummings
John E. Crump *
Steve Delaney
Janna DeLissa
Phil Dick
Sheryl Dick
Kathy Diehl
Troy Dirks
Litha Drake
Mark Faulkner
Chris Fankhauser
Dick Fankhauser
Ardis Fry *
Dr. Luther Fry
Dale J. Gabel *
Ralph Germann
Peggy Gillen
Gerald Greene
Marsha Grisell
Tim Hanigan
Caverly Hart
Neil Hawley *
Bill Hogan
Kathleen Holt *
Dolores Hope
Ron Isham
Anne Jones
Dennis Jones *
Judy Keusler *
Sharla Krenzel
Bob Kreutzer *
Pat LeClerc
Marlene Lee
Ed Lewis
Don Linville *
Ward Loyd
Paul Masoner
Dennis Mesa
Marianne Miller *
Max Miller
Emme Miller
Monte Miller
Carolyn Myers
Will Nichols
Millie Norman
Judy Nusser
Martin Nusser
Kirk Olomon
Denise Pass
Ann Price *
Ray Purdy
Brenda Reeve
Kelley Reeve
Rosa Rivera
Sara Robinson
Archie Rooney
Liz Sosa
Lee Stapleton *
Bill Stewart
Charles Stones
Dr. James Tangeman *
Richard Taylor
Shirley Tillotson
Troy Unruh
Janie Welsh
Tom Walker *
Debbie Wharton
Jeff Whitham
Susan Williams
If you would like to apply or nominate someone to serve on the WKCF board, please fill out the application found on the Board Member Application page.

WKCF Founders Fund:
Bank of America, N.A.
Brookover Company
Dr. & Mrs. Bill Clement
Dr. William & Jean Clifford
Commerce Bank
John & Mona Crump
Bill & Mary Cummings
Phil & Sheryl Dick
Dan & Chris Fankhauser
Helen Fankhauser
Dr. & Mrs. Luther Fry
Dale J. & Carole Corley Gabel
Garden City COOP
Garden City Company
Garden City Telegram
Jerry Gigot & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hall
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Harris
Katherine Hart
Clifford & Dolores Hope
Steve & Kay Irsik
Taylor & Katherine Jones
Kearny County Bank
James Keller
Leo & Eldora Kleysteuber
Lee Construction, Inc.
Lewis, Hooper & Dick, LLC
Bryan & Geneen Love
Max & Marianne Miller
Martin & Judy Nusser
Merelyn Lee Reeve
Lee & Brenda Reeve
Archie & Judith Rooney
St Catherine Hospital
Elizabeth Scheopner
Southwestern Bell Telephone
Judy & David Stanard
Dr. Don & Shirley Tillotson
Western State Bank    
James & Rose White
Glen & Mary Ellen Woods

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