Final Reports

Final Reports are due:

  1. One year from original application due date, or
  2. When a new application is submitted... whichever comes first.

A Final Report must be completed before a new application can be considered. 

Step 1:

Download and complete the documents below and then upload to the form in Step 2.

EXAMPLE Completed Final Report - Please note: This EXAMPLE does NOT denote an application that would be guaranteed funding, it is simply an EXAMPLE of a final report completed with the minimum required documents and the information that should be present in said documents. As always, decisions regarding funding requests are at the discretion of the WKCF Grants Committee and Board of Directors.

Mailing/Hand Delivering Reports: If you are mailing or hand delivering a report, please print one-sided, and DO NOT staple. If necessary, you may fasten pages with a binderclip or paperclip.


The Western Kansas Community Foundation strives to serve the communities in western Kansas.  We offer support for organizations involved in arts, education, development, youth and other community-based charitable causes. Grants are provided through funds created by generous contributors.  Some of the grant funding allows donors to make recommendations to the Foundation while others have predetermined recipients that were specified by the funds' donors. 

Each grant request through the WKCF is evaluated on its own merit based on the contents of the application.  We are honored to participate in important community issues and strive to expand our services to address specific issues, when consistent with our mission or the wishes of our donors.  

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