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Wichita County Community Foundation Looks to the Future

Monday, March 4, 2019

   By Bruce Leisy, WCCF President

As a foundation we are in our 17th year as the Wichita County Community Foundation (WCCF). While in the past we have focused mostly in the direction of raising our endowed funds and with the help of Grow II in 2017 we did hit our goal of one million dollars but is that all we need to do as a foundation, just raise funds?

Last year was a transition year for the WCCF we had to replace of many key board members and still rebounding from a banner year in 2017 we saw modest gains in funds but realized the change in the amount of grantable funds that could be available from the additional 260 thousand dollars of funds, granting over 20 thousand in the last granting cycle. We have come to realize that we need to be changing some of the strategies of our foundation in the future.

While we realize that we need to continue to grow the foundation funds, we also need to help the community to see how added funds benefits our community. Two things have changed some of our thinking, Last fall we participated in the match day event and saw the community get behind some of the new projects that were starting in the community and how the WCCF was involved in the community not just pleading for gifts. Then in January of this year we recognize the recipients of the 2018 granting cycle at halftime of a high school basket ball game. When people saw the amount of the help that was given back into the community as grants it sparked a renewed interest in who we are and what we are about.

WCCF is excited to start 2019 with many opportunities of continued growth and partnering with other community minded organization in the community.  The Western Kansas Community Foundation has played a vital role in helping WCCF grow and continue as a sustainable foundation.

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