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Women of Purpose Grant Guidelines

The Executive Committee has determined the focus of this year’s Request for Proposals (RFP) to be ‘Girls with Dreams and Women with Visions' and the following area(s) of interest should be considered for inclusion in this year’s application:

  • Focus on any and/or all of the following aspects of women's causes: health, education, financial, employment, etc.
  • Emphasis on females (of any and/or all ages)  
  • Impacting females in significant and sustainable ways

Additional consideration will be given to those organizations which can:

  • Demonstrate collaboration among organizations and agencies
  • Invest matching funds
  • Provide a plan to sustain the program past the grant year
  • Support work in several communities and counties serviced by the Western Kansas Community Foundation: Greeley, Wichita, Scott, Lane, Hamilton, Kearny, Finney, Stanton, Grant, Haskell, Gray, Morton, Stevens, Seward, and Meade. 

Require specific items to impact the services your organization is providing to your patrons.

Application Dates

The Women of Purpose review their grant applications only once per year with applications due on March 1st. The application is available in the online grant system which can be accessed from our Grant Application page.

Application Due Dates Grants Awarded
March 1st Late April

The Process

Organizations that are awarded a grant are not eligible for the next grant cycle unless the funds have been expended, AND, all final reporting has been completed. The Final Report is due at the completion of your program and before an additional grant will be funded, or approximately one year from the date funds are received. The Final Report form will also be made available to you in the grant application system once your application has been approved, and is an online form that must be submitted back to the Foundation through the grant system.

Funding Ineligibility

The Foundation will not give consideration to:

  • Individuals.
  • Operating or maintenance expenses (including salaries).
  • Medical or scholarly research.
  • Membership fees.
  • Banquet or luncheon expenses.
  • Ticket sales for charitable fund-raising efforts.
  • Religious organizations for religious purposes.
  • Travel expenses for groups, such as school classes, clubs, or sports teams.
  • Capital debt reduction.
  • Political lobbying or legislative activities.
  • Use of and payment for services of a fiscal agent.
  • Endowment establishment or enhancement.
  • Umbrella funding organizations that would distribute requested funds at their own discretion.
  • Marketing tools, such as water bottles, t-shirts, pens, etc.
  • Give-away items for prizes/incentives.

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