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Legacy Society

What is the Legacy Society?

The Legacy Society is comprised of donors in the community who have designated in their will or estate plan that a portion of their estate be gifted to the Foundation upon their passing. Upon designating the Foundation as a beneficiary, you have the opportunity support your favorite non-profts, or choose a community grant-making fund that aligns with your interests to receive grant distributions. You can also manage gifts to multiple entities in one place, which can be changed at any time cost-free. Your legacy gift can include almost any type of asset, from securities, to real estate, retirement plans and life insurance proceedes, as well as stocks, gifts of grain or minerals, and even real estate or farm machinery! By being a member of the Legacy Society, you will get to name your charitable fund, attend special community events, be recognized in WKCF publications, and most importantly, leave a lasting impact on the non-profit organizations you care about most!  

Western Kansas Community Foundation partners with Joshua Howard of Clark, Mize & Linville Chartered to provide estate planning design services free of charge, on a first-come first-served basis. This service provides comprehensive guidance in designing an estate plan that minimizes income, gift, estate, and inheritance taxes and facilitates smooth business, farm, and asset transition. The draft plan can then be given to an attorney of your choosing to formalize. Mr. Howard will also review existing plans which can be beneficial especially when significant life changes have occurred. No products are sold or endorsed through this counseling process, only the opportunity to gain ideas, and there is no requirement to leave a gift to the Foundation in order to use estate planning services through the WKCF.

For more information click here, or call the WKCF office at 620-271-9484 to set up an appointment.

Legacy Society Members

        Members                                                        Since

           Richard B. And Sheila K. Fankhauser                                      2003

           Ralph and Marilyn Germann                                                    2003

           Gerald L. and Phyllis A. Greene                                              2003

           Joe and Betty F. Benson                                                        2003

           Mary Lou Shea                                                                      2003

           Danna L. Schaller Jones and William M. Jones JR.                   2004

           Donald R. Messenger and Wauneta I. Messenger                     2005

           Carl and Carolyn Myers                                                          2005

           Martin G. and Judith L. Nusser                                                2005

           Robert A. and Lujuana C. Baker                                              2006

           Ray and Geraldine Mann                                                        2006

           Edward M. and Alice M. Banning                                            2007

           George and Lori Hopkins                                                        2007

           Roger and Donna Morris                                                         2008

           Dr. James H. Tangeman and Sandra G. Tangeman                    2008

           Delbert and Betty Becker                                                        2010

           Helen J. Batchelder                                                                2011

           Robert and Brenda Drees                                                        2011

           Otis and Mary Lee Molz                                                         2015

           Lynn Boitano                                                                         2016

           Christina and Timothy Hanigan                                                2016

           Richard L. Monical                                                                 2017

           Dennis Barr and Carol Meyer                                                  2017

           Milan and Deanna Berry                                                         2017

           Kathleen Holt                                                                        2017

           Lisa Chester                                                                         2018
           D. Birgit & Michael J. Lemke                                                  2019

           Gary & LuAnn Randle                                                            2019

           Jackie and Will Nichols                                                          2019


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