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Exercise and Eat Like an Animal

Lessons for kids K-5th grade

A creative toolkit with videos and lessons, featuring the Garden City, Kansas Lee Richardson Zoo animals, that motivates kids to engage in healthy eating and active play!

Download the toolkit K-5th grade lessons and use with the coordinating videos in classrooms, after school programs, recreation programs, libraries, field trips to the zoo, faith based programs, summer school, and day camps.

Lessons were developed

  • to help kids begin to establish or improve positive attitudes toward healthier eating and active play behaviors in a fun environment…the zoo!
  • to meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) healthy eating and physical activity standards (HECAT and PECAT).
  • to focus on key health behaviors as identified by CDC and other experts. They are: Active Play, Balance My Day; Breakfast GO Power; Drink Think; Fruits and Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way; and Smart Servings.
  • with content and skills for use with 3rd-5th grades. They are easily adaptable for K-2nd grades and mixed age groups.

Tool Kit

This toolkit features videos and coordinating lessons featuring zoo animals that motivate kids to engage in healthy eating and active play! Kids love learning and moving with their animal friends who have similar needs for care and feeding to stay healthy.

Tips for using the toolkit with mixed ages and diverse groups

The lesson content was developed for skill development with 3rd-5th graders.  However, the lessons are easily adaptable for K-2nd grades and mixed age groups. The tip sheet offers suggestions for each of the lesson components to assist with adapting for varied needs. Thanks to the teachers and youth leaders that evaluated the toolkit and provided these suggestions!

Download Tips for using the toolkit

Videos (Youtube)

Watch all videos


  • Breakfast GO Power
  • Drink Think
  • Fruits and Veggies Every Day the Tasty Way
  • Smart Servings
  • Active Play, Balance My Day
  • MyPlate Template
  • Answer Key

Download the Lesson Booklet

Each lesson is coordinated with a video and contains:

  • Teacher talking points
  • Healthy eating activity
  • Physical activity: Move Like an Animal
  • Animal Facts from the Zoo
  • Worksheet: Fitness Check with a goal setting Healthy Habit Challenge
  • A coordinating Parent Tips Handout

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