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Urgent Needs Fund and MayDay! Nonprofit Relief Drive

Thursday, April 23, 2020

The Western Kansas Community Foundation (WKCF) is to provide urgent needs grants in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The grants will be made to eligible nonprofits from the newly established Urgent Needs Fund with the Foundation. Several donors have generously contributed to the fund, most notably Dr. Luther and Ardis Fry, Black Hills Energy and Pioneer Communications. WKCF will begin accepting applications May 1st, 2020. Grants will be made on a rolling basis, and continue while funds last.

“The Urgent Needs Fund was created to assist nonprofits whose work is being directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis,” says WKCF’s Executive Director, Conny Bogaard. “While the initial priority is to address immediate needs, additional funds will be released in the next months as fundraising continues. WKCF has the systems in place to help western Kansas communities and we hope others feel inclined to do the same.”

Nonprofits are encouraged to submit their grant applications online here. The grants will support agencies that have a defined role in short-term or long-term recovery efforts by providing critical services, including but not limited to food distribution, shelter, health care, education and economic assistance.  

“Nonprofits have been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis”, says Stacie Hahn, WKCF’s Program and Marketing Director. “As programs and fundraising events have been canceled, nonprofits lose a vital income stream. WKCF has conducted a needs assessment survey which shows that agencies need unrestricted dollars fast to continue their work to help individuals and families affected by the crisis.”

WKCF together with funding partners at the Finnup Foundation and Finney County United Way, are committed to pulling resources and adapt to evolving community needs, especially to support gaps not covered by state or federal relief funding. One hundred percent of contributions to the Urgent Needs Fund will be distributed to nonprofit organizations in WKCF’s 15-county service area.

Additionally, the WKCF is hosting a Nonprofit Relief Drive, now through May 5th, MayDay! at the Foundation. Nonprofits within the WKCF service area are eligible to be listed on the WKCF's donation site in order to collect donations directly from donors. Donors can choose to give to one or multiple organizations, as well as the Urgent Needs Fund by clicking here

To learn more about the grant application process or making donations to the Urgent Needs Fund please call at 620-271-9484. 

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