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What is a Fund?

A fund is a separate trust with its own donors and philanthropic purpose. The funds held by the Western Kansas Community Foundation are invested and managed by the WKCF’s Investment Committee and a professional investment manager. The Foundation’s Investment Committee and investment manager adhere to an Investment Policy that is regularly updated to account for current market situations and insure prudent investment of funds. Solid and responsible investment strategies assure donors of the security of their funds.

Income earned from the investment of these funds is returned to the community through the WKCF’s quarterly grant proposal process in the form of grants awarded to nonprofit organizations serving residents in the Foundation’s fifteen county service area. In addition, grants are made through individual funds setup to benefit charitable causes.

The Western Kansas Community Foundation has several types of funds. Funds within these major types may be permanent endowments, in which a portion of the earnings are distributed to the community and the principal is never touched, ensuring that distributions will be made according to the donors’ wishes in perpetuity. Funds may also be non-permanent and all of the principal may be distributed for charitable causes until the fund is depleted.

A list of investment committee members, the WKCF’s investment managers and fees charges are available to the public upon request.

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